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custom design

Our custom website designs are created and designed for each business, so we know you will like what we have to offer as the choice is 100% yours and you will be with us through the entire design process.

We will provide you with a questionnaire so that we can learn more about you, your business, and your customers. You can give us details on what you would like to add and feature, even show us some other websites that you like so we get a feel for what you are going for.

We will then get started on a fully custom design based on your specifications.

Multiple Revision Rounds

Our custom projects come with a minimum of each project comes with a minimum of 4 rounds of revision per page so that this allows us to get your website set up perfectly.


Branding & Style Guide

During the project we will maintain a Branding and Style Guide if you don’t have one so that the fonts, colours and styles can be used for other business purposes if you desire.


Website Mockups

We will provide a website mockup with a custom design according to your specifications before we start so you know what we will be doing.

Custom Graphics

Our website designs can include professional graphics that are unique, vivid and help to illustrate your business goals.


Multiple Mockups

We can provide multiple mockups if required so that you can select your favourite elements before we put it into final design concept.

Website Accessibility

It is important to have your website accessible for all users. We help you achieve this by setting some standard functionality in the design process.

wordpress development

We are experts when it comes to WordPress website development. Our website designs will not need any technical knowledge to update content, create new pages or add products. When we hand over the website to you we will walk you through all of the simple functions that can be used within WordPress as well as provide a quick cheat sheet where you can find the right area to edit your webpage.

Editing a website from us is as simple as editing a Facebook page.

100% Ownership

You will retain 100% ownership of the website when we have completed it, any plugins and software licenses will be owned by you.



Security is a must for any website to prevent hackers and scammers from messing with your website. If it is also essential to protect your customer data. We will secure the website and keep it updated when there are new security releases.


Websites designed by Digital Start are optimised for speed so your website will be smooth and fast when somebody visits a webpage.

Easy To Update

Anyone you allow within your business will be able to update the website. It is simple to get started and easy to maintain. We will be available for support if still required.


All websites we design are responsive, which means they will work perfectly on different devices including mobiles, desktops, tables and TVs.

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for any website. As part of our suite of services, we can help to get your site ranking well on search engines like Google and Bing so that the right traffic will come to your website.

We ensure that SEO is set up correctly and key elements of your website can be found, such as contact information, products and forms.

We are able to optimise websites by identifying keywords that suit your website, let search engines know about your website and create a sitemap of the entire website.

Google Web Master Tools

Your website will be registered with Google Webmaster so that you can make sure your website is configured correctly.

301 Redirect

A 301 redirect is where an old page that is changed or deleted redirects to your new page so there are no broken links. A key requirement for successful SEO management.

Google Analytics

Your website will be configured with Google Analytics so that you can track all of your page activity, visitor information, and additional traffic information.

Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics will also be configured to show you how many conversions are made when somebody uses a contact form or purchases a product from your website.


Keyword Research

We will include the right keywords your website should be ranking for. Some keywords may even be new and easier to connect with. We also stick to the search engine guidelines and don’t add keywords at random.

branding and style guide

As an optional service we can provide you with a branding and style guide which can be used within your business for additional marketing purposes. This will include:

Colours – Every colour used on the website including matching pantones where available.

Typography Sheet – All fonts, weights and sizes used throughout the website.

Design System

We can include a design system which features a formal structure for each use of your logo, colours, fonts and images for the purpose of your marketing campaigns.


Colour Pallet

We can create a custom colour pallet for your brand so that you can implement the colour pallet across your marketing and business communications.


Brand Book

If required we can create an entire brand book which is a comprehensive guide for all visual design elements of your business brand.


Mood Board

We can create a mood board which is a series of graphics, images and other elements setting a tone for the visual display of your website.

Typography Sheet

Each of our projects can include a typography sheet, which will feature primary and secondary fonts as well as the sizing ranges to be used for all headings.

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