The Importance of Website Security

Written by David Pickett


Website security is crucial for any company that is utilising an internet-based business model. If your website was hacked, it could result in a lot of lost time and money. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why security is important for your website.

What is website security?

Website security is a type of protection that works to safeguard your website from outside sources. Security can be achieved in many ways, such as through encrypting the data on the server or by utilising an SSL certificate for e-commerce transactions.

What are some benefits of having secure webpages?

There are three main reasons why you should care about securing your site:

  1. You want to protect yourself and your company’s reputation
  2. Your customers trust you’re providing them with a safe environment
  3. It’s necessary if you have any sort of online payment system setup (i.e. credit card payments).

How do I know whether my business needs secure pages?

It depends on what services/products you provide and how those services/products are delivered. If you have a company that sells physical products, then it’s unlikely your site will need to be as secure as one who deals in data-driven services like e-commerce or banking.

How do I secure my website?

The first step you should take to make sure your site is safe from hackers, malware and other threats is to use a reliable hosting provider.

Making sure the security of both their hardware and software (including any third party services that may be used) are up-to-date will help create an environment where hacking isn’t possible or at least much more difficult.

Your website’s design also plays a key role in how secure it is; if there are areas on the page which require personal details then they need to have SSL protection installed so data cannot be intercepted by people with bad intentions.

As well as this, adding things like CAPTCHA codes for registration prevents automated bots from entering into your system too easily, making hacking a much less viable option.

Keeping your website’s server up-to-date with the latest security patches will help to protect against any new and emerging threats because you’ll be giving them what they’re looking for; a good challenge!

Can I get help with website security?

The website security information can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are new to it. Divado can help you by setting your business website up with a secure hosting provider as well as provide a website care plan to ensure that your website stays up to date and secure at all times.

With these services taken into account, there are few people who would willingly try and hack your servers or access databases without permission so you can rest easy knowing your website is secure with Digital Start Web Design.

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