5 Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe Online

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Written by David Pickett


Every business can be vulnerable, no matter how big or small the business is. Hackers and scammers will do anything to steal your hard-earned money. Security is very important for your business and only takes a few minutes to check-up on things.

It is high time you prioritise the safety of your business & protect your customers personally identifiable information before you lose all of your hard work.

This article will provide a few security tips to help keep your business safe.

Use robust passwords

Data is as precious as money in the bank. Hackers use a form of brute force known as dictionary attacks to generate common password and infiltrate your website within minutes. It would be wise to create strong passwords with a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers to give these hackers a hard time.

We also suggest you change your password at least every six months and use a password management system to help you and your employees remember complicated passwords.

Watch out for emails

Hackers have become very clever and send seemingly innocent emails with malicious attachments and links in an attacked known as phishing. Once you open this email, the hacker will be in a position to steal you data, login, credit card numbers and anything else you might store.

To prevent your business from this kind of attack, it would help to check the legitimacy of any links or attachments before clicking on them.

Watch out for text messages

A new scam which has been growing lateley is business SMS / text message scams. These messages can seem legitimate, and even include the business name it is coming from. Just remember to never click a link within a text message.

If you still have concerns about the legitimacy of the message, call the number listed on the business website. Business will never ask for your personal or credit card information via text message.

Limit your customer information on your website

Websites are a gold mine for hackers to steal customer information. This is why it is important to not store 100% of your customers personally identifiable information on your website.

We recommend using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that is reputable and trusted to store customer information that you need to us.

Keep your website secure and backed up

To prevent your website from being hacked or crashing, you need to make sure it is regularly updated behind the scenes. There are many vulnerabilities on websites which are patched daily to protect against security threats. To remove the stress of manually updating the website for security, we recommend a website care plan. This will also ensure you have a backup of your website in case it is attacked and you lose all content.

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